First model village
Ramesh - Zero Education - after training
Ramesh - before training

Foundation For Life's mission is to transform the lives of 300 Million villagers in India.

We intend to do that by impacting the lives of 6 Million zero educated villagers dramatically. History(in cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad) has shown that if we impact 2 percent of a population in an area dramatically, then the entire population will be impacted.

The beauty of this is that this can be done through a business model - without expecting lots and lots of charity.

Imagine 30,000 villages running businesses(e.g. BPOs) with 200 people each. It would greatly impact 6 Million people - resulting in a domino effect, which would impact the rest of the people in villages, creating various kinds of jobs etc.
The resulting increase in awareness would result in a large number of villagers knowing about and using sudden other opportunities.

Proof of Concept
To begin this, we designed, and have now successfully tested a curriculum that transforms a person with Zero schooling to a BPO level worker in 6-8 months. An initial Proof of Concept with eight villagers, four of them who had never been to school, has just concluded, and has proven to be a success.

"An year ago, I had no knowledge of Computers or English. I had never written my own name in any language. I never wore slippers or shoes." says Chandru(19), a villager from Koppal.
Today, he earns Rs.5,000-Rs.8,000 per month working for a BPO. He types at 60 words per minute, speaks confidently in English, does calculations using MS-Excel, dresses and looks like any other professional BPO worker.

"I wish everybody in my village could become like me" says Chandru.

Another villager Ramesh(20), who has never been to school, says "If I can work in a BPO, anybody in my village can. The only difference between me and them is that they are not trained to work and they don't know that they can work!".

Chandru and Ramesh are two of the eight villagers who have been trained in our Proof of Concept.

They are now working in a BPO earning between Rs.5000 to Rs.7500 per month.

Next Project
Our next project, is to conduct the training for 120 people, who have little or no education and employ them in their villages in a BPO.

The training will be coducted in three villages - Koppal, Tavaragera and Kanakagiri in Koppal district and they will start working from their villages.

You can sponsor a villager for the duration of the course, such that one village person will be able to be trained fully, and may have an opportunity to lead a life with dignity, by securing employment, something that he would not have dreamed of. The investment you make for India’s future BPO candidate is Rs 90,000.(approx US$ 1,900). Also you can visit the villages where the project is being conducted by contacting the below e-mail.

Your investment will enable one villager to fulfill the impossible dream.

To know more about how to contribute, please mail to Rajesh Bhat at or call +91-98868-95436